In 1954, in Edmonton Alberta, Dale Rodney Haggerty was the fifth child
Born, to parents John Haggerty, a Scottish immigrant and French Métis
Mother, Georgina Villeneuve.  The Haggerty’s moved their growing family
to B.C. when Dale was just an infant and youngest at that time, his sister
Teresa was born later in Vancouver where the family lived and worked
most of their lives.

Dale grew up in Vancouver where he went to school and later apprenticed
and became a tradesman in the Glazing Industry (Glass and windows).  He
worked for many years as a Glazier while at the same time from the age of
23 he took up the sport of Lawn bowling.  During the years in this sport as
an amateur, he won many medals and trophies, including Gold (1984), Silver
(latest 2005) and Bronze.  In 1998 our champion decided to put the Lawn
bowling life behind him for a while as he was trying to control an alcohol
addiction which was destroying his life as well as his liver.  Through the
help of Métis friends and the Métis Community he has been clean and
sober for almost 14 years now.  

In 1999 Dale was given the opportunity to accept a position of curator of
the Michif  Métis Museum that was being run by the Michif Historical and
Cultural Preservation Society.  He gladly accepted and hasn’t looked back
since.   He brought a fresh approach to the little museum and found ways of
bringing exhibits and displays to various communities and schools as well
as presentations, giving people an opportunity to learn more about the
Métis culture and their role in Canada’s history.

Today, Dale lives happily with his wife (also Dale), both starting a new life in
the community of Vavenby, BC which is just outside of the Clearwater
District in BC’s Interior.  Through a very generous donation of a mini-bus
from Métis Family Services in Surrey, he plans to convert the bus to a
mobile museum will possibly be ready to roll as soon as possible, when
funding is available and bring the Michif Métis Museum to more
communities around BC, leaving a small display of the museum with the
Cultural Director, Derrick Whiteskycloud, on the Lower Mainland, as well as
partnership with an Alberta Métis community.   As President of the Society,
Dale’s future hope and plans for the museum is to continue sharing the
Métis culture as long as he is able and when he is ready to retire (which
won’t be for a while yet), the museum will be placed safely in the hands of
our future Métis generation who will continue to bring and present the
Métis culture and history to all that would benefit and have an interest.
Biography of Dale Haggerty
(Curator of the Michif Historical & Cultural Preservation Society)
Our Métis friends..may the Great Spirit watch over them.