This painting of Fort Garry in 1869, was one of many.  Lionel Stephenson was only 15 years old
when he was commissioned to paint the Fort for soldiers to take home with them for souvenirs.  
These paintings are being found in various places - i.e. attics, private collections, etc.
Painting of Fort Garry - 1869
Lionel Stephenson
Michif Metis Museum Artifact

The Michif Historical &
Cultural Preservation Society

The Michif Métis Museum
in British Columbia

The Michif Historical & Cultural Preservation Society hosts the only Michif Métis
Museum of it's kind in the Province of British Columbia and is solely dedicated to the
preservation of the Michif Métis Culture and Traditions....

There are Aboriginal People recognized by the
Canadian Constitution:

Who are the Métis people?
People of mixed First Nations and European ancestry who identify themselves as Métis people and are accepted as
such by a M
étis community and or its leadership.  They are distinct from First Nations, Inuit or non-Aboriginal
peoples.  The M
étis history and culture draws on diverse ancestral origins such as Ojibway and Cree, Scottish,
Irish, French. (Government of Alberta definition)

étis are people who self-identify as Métis and are not registered under the Indian Act (Government of Manitoba

Article 10 of the M
étis Nation Saskatchewan Constitution defines "Métis" as:

étis' means an Aboriginal person who self-identifies as Métis, who is distinct from Indian and Inuit & is a
descendant of those M
étis who received or were entitled to receive land grants and / or Scrip under the provision
of the Manitoba Act, 1870 or the Dominion Lands Act, as enacted from time to time.  A person of Aboriginal descent
who is accepted by the M
étis Nation and / or Métis Community.

( Amended Dec. 13 / 97 )

We are a proud nation who's history and traditions date back to the early 1600's. Our culture is a rich and vigorous
one. We invite you to share and learn about our people here on our site. This page is dedicated to preserving our
culture and our proud heritage.

The location for the Michif Métis Museum is:
337 Bernard Rd. Vavenby BC.  Phone - 250-676-0096

Please Note: that we do not have a building as of yet, in the Clearwater,
Vavenby area, for our Museum artifacts, but we are working on obtaining
Please feel free to drop by and visit us even just to chat,
we welcome you....
Also Please Note that we have a display at the new North
Thompson Aboriginal Tourism Centre located in Lower Clearwater, BC
above the Double R Pizza & Subs across from Home Hardware...come visit
us and see the First Nation, Inuit and Pioneer displays as well and check out
the Gift Shop creations by our local Aboriginal artists among other items.

The Michif Historical & Cultural Preservation Society is a non-profit society and is registered with the
Registrar of Companies in Victoria, BC

The purposes of the Society are:

-  To record and document the history of M
étis people;
-  To preserve the unique cultural identity of the M
étis people;
-  To record and preserve the unique language of M
étis people;
-  To educate Métis people as to their traditions and distinct cultural identity;
-  To educate the public at large as to the important historical role that the M
people have played in the development of Canada as a Nation;
-  To promote and preserve the advancement and preservation of M
Literature, Music and Dances;
-  To establish and operate a museum for the purposes of educating the public
about the unique history, culture, language, music, dance, traditions and
identity of the M
étis people.

The Michif Historical & Cultural Preservation Society will be able to provide a Receipt in the near future for
the Purposes of Income Tax, if the donation meets the minimum requirements as defined by Canada
Customs and Revenue Agency

For more information, please contact:Dale R. Haggerty (Curator)
Phone: 1-250-676-0096 or email us at:
At present, because we do not have a building in the Clearwater, Vavenby area to house our artifacts, part of the Michif Métis Museum artifacts are brought on
tour in different localities, from time to time.

Other displays will be set up in the Lower Mainland area by request as well as in the Clearwater, Vavenby area.
Please call: Our Cultural Director, Derrick Whiteskycloud at:
604-594-6445 or 604-818-8375 for information.
Not Available at the present time - on DVD
Voices of Métis Elder's
A two-hour presentation by our Métis Elder's of their wisdom and experiences
Please go to our Metis Crafts Page for full details....we will let everyone know when they are again available.
Important Notice:  
As we have our Charity Status, anyone wishing to donate to the Michif Historical and Cultural Preservation Society, will receive a tax deductible receipt, by request, for any
donations over $10.00.  Thank you for any donation you may wish to send to help our Michif Metis Museum sharing and bringing our Culture and Heritage into the Metis
communities throughout BC as well as visiting other communities and areas.

Please make your cheques, bank drafts or money orders out to the
'Michif Historical and Cultural Preservation Society' and mail to:
Michif Metis Museum
PO Box 126
Vavenby, BC  V0E 3A0

Note: because we are not set up
in a building right now, other than our own home,
we are suspending the
'Friends of the Museum membership' for the time being....

We've been doing a few things with the museum,

both up here in Clearwater and Kamloops as well as on the Lower Mainland
with our Board member - Elder Derrick Whiteskycloud.
Please check out our 'Traveling' Page for the updated information on these events.
SOMETHING NEW:  We are constructing a new page which will be representing Metis families that have shared and
given permission to post information about their family history for the interest of the reader....please 'click' on the
symbol below to access this page which is presently UNDER CONSTRUCTION....