Our only purpose, on this page and on this site, is to
honour the names and the memories of our Metis
Elders and members of the community, that have
passed on.  There is no disrespect to the loved ones
memory or families intended....If any one has
objections to their family member being on this page,
please let us know and we will remove their name and
picture at once along with our sincere apologies.
Georgina Haggerty
Honouring Our
Métis Nation
from all over North America
Tansi !
s Métis MEMORIAL PAGE is dedicated to our Métis people who have
gone before us to meet with our Creator!  The purpose of this page is
to honour and remember our Métis people from all over North America,
who have passed on and share with others the achievements and
unique stories for friends, loved ones and community. Whether it be our
Elders, and or our hard working
Métis community people.  It is for
those we wish to recognize.  For those of you who wish to recognise a
Métis member, please contact us and we will help place their picture
here in remembrance.  Please email the museum for assistance...Marsi !
What can be said about Pat.

I met Pat many years ago now, around 1994. Pat taught me and
anyone else who cared to listen about being and living as a Métis.

He was dedicated to his heritage. He was caring, loving, and very very
proud to be Métis.

A few years ago Pat moved to Vernon. We didn't see much of Pat after
that as his health waned. But never his feisty persona.

Good bye old friend, as you cross over to the other side please
remember how you touched so many lives.

I will remember you always and never forget the times we shared.

- Thomas Lalonde
Patrick Reed
In loving memory
Patrick Reed &
Tom Lalonde
Fond Memories of Patrick Reed
The first time I met Pat in 1998, was through the Michif Métis Museum, researching
my family's genealogy and where I found our Métis roots.  It was through him and
other Métis Elders in the area, that I got involved with the Métis community and
finally when Pat decided to retire to Oliver, he suggested to the Board of Directors of
the Michif Historical and Cultural Preservation Society to elect me to replace him as
Museum Curator.  This was in 1999, and I'm still here, carrying on the work that Pat
started.  The last time I saw Pat is when he was living in Oliver, BC.  My wife and I
were vacationing and made a point of stopping in for a visit.  It is sad to lose such a
good friend as Pat.  He will be greatly missed....

- Dale R. Haggerty
A Young
Art Byrd
In Honour of Patti Mayo
Métis Artist, Singer and Song Writer
In honour of Patti, well known Métis entertainer - singer and song writer.  Born Patricia
Magdelaine Mayo on December 09, 1940, in Selkirk Manitoba.  Patti was 68 years young
when she passed away on April 16th When she lost her valiant fight with cancer that
afternoon.  She will be remembered and missed by her family and many friends - May
she rest in the Creator's Love - Aho....
Kenneth Haggerty Sr.
   In Honour of Rosemarie Plante
          And in Remembrance

We honour our good and dear friend, Rosemarie - she has been one of our Board
Members and tireless and dedicated worker walking beside us trying to make a
difference to the Metis children and their families, along with the Metis Community.  
Bringing also her OSI Program to assist our Aboriginal people with learning disabilities
to be able to understand and learn new skills where other teaching methods had
failed.  She was a wonderful person and a good friend and we will dearly miss her.
                 In Remembrance

We wish to honour our good friend, and fellow Board member Rene - he has been a
proponent for the Mechif/Michif language all of his life and taught and demonstrated
this language whenever and wherever he could.  We were proud to have him as a
Board member and regret that he had to leave us so soon, but it was his time to take
his last journey to meet his Creator and we know he is in a far better place now, at
peace and without pain.  His White Wolf companion is at his side as he travels this
celestial road.  We'll miss you Rene....
Teresa Dion
Beloved, well respected Elder, Metis
activist and Metis Veteran, Teresa
(Ewachewski)Dion, passed over and
began her final journey this morning,
June 28, 2012.  Teresa was a strong
advocate and one of the founding
members of Metis Family Services
located in Surrey, BC for children in
care as well as a founding member of
the Michif Historical and Cultural
Preservation Society.  She will be very
missed by her family, many friends and
the Metis Community.  
Georgina Haggerty -
February 07, 1921 - July 02,
2012 - Wonderful Mother,
and strong Metis woman.  
Mom perservered through
many obstacles but did her
best for her little family
giving her love throughout
her life right to the end.  
She will be very missed, we
love you Mom and know
you are in a better place,
free from pain and have
found everlasting peace.